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The Art Corner

Art Slaved To People

:icontretais: - Three Months


Requests And Commission Info

Commissions are ALWAYS Open!Hello everyone!
It feels wonderful to be back and thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back with a warm welcome!
I've completely opened my commissions up for good now, so you can order from me whenever you can!
Before commissioning me, please read my ToS.
Terms of Services/Conditions
These will be colorless, lineless, shadeless, just a rough sketch.
Sketch Headshots - 50 Points
Sketch Full Bodies - 100 Points

Headshots will be of your character's face/head down to it's shoulders. They come fully lined and colored, and if requested, shaded.
Headshots - 100 Points
Headshots (shaded) - 115 Points

Taking RequestsYe I'm taking some requests ^^
I'll get to them in my free time, so don't be afraid to post some references uwu
The max I'm allowing is 3, anyone who posts more than that will be ignored.
It may be a fullbody, a headshot, a sketch.. anything!
It would help if you passed this along so others can see it ^^
A watch would also be nice but not necessary :heart:


Art Wars I'm In

HiddenCities - I've done 7 Pieces, She's done 2
Rexodus - I've done.... a little compared to what you've done for me >w<
Le-Stormbringer - It is war ewe


Commission List

Update on Commissions
Everything will be slow! Due to artblock and other things.

Commission List

:iconundead--rainbows: - 120/3000 Points Chosen so far - WORKING ON
:iconkam-fox: - 0/3000 Points chosen so far
:iconaquatistigress: - 0/3000 Points chosen so far
:iconcityheights: - 0/3000 Points chosen so far

Art Trades

Animal Lover1234 - On CS - Waiting for their part
:iconxerrkessler: - Waiting for them to start upon their request
:iconrexodus: - 44 pieces

Deals and Commission Prices

Prices and Deals!
Offer Of The Month

Commission Prices
My Prices have been lowered.

Reference Sheets - 320 :points:
Lineless - 1000 :points:
Lineless Headshots - 900 :points:
Sketch Headshots - 50 :points:
Sketch Full Bodies - 100 :points:
Full Bodies - 175 :points:
Headshots - 100 :points:
Couple Headshots - 120 :points:
Couple Full bodies - 230 :points:
Chibi Crayon - 125 :points:
Chibi - 100 :points:

Personal Achievement List

To be able to keep track of all the achievements I've made over the few years <3

Win A Kiamara Won my first Kiamara on July 24th 2013
Have art from Neara Got a lineart from her on March 7th 2013
Get the AGD's, my species on cs, up to 100 Made AGD 100 on July 15 2014
Have a cutsom Kiamara Gifted a custom kiamara by :iconhiddencities: on June 28th 2014
Get Omega Akil art from :iconpandoras-island:
Get Ren a human form
Have a custom design from :iconfluffygreysocks:
Do an AT with :iconhiddencities: Turned into an art war on September 18th 2014
Get Ashtaroth a human form
Have art from :icondoubleleaf:
Have K art from :icongrypwolf:
Get couple art of Jay and K from :iconkyoux:
Get a Soosh
Get art from :iconsirwendigo:
Get a custom design from :iconblueauraz:
Get an art piece of Omega Akil from :icontalonex:
Get a custom human from :iconxerrkessler:

I'll add more when I think of them :'D



Hello and Welcome!

Stuff About Me
20 | Male Pronouns| Socially Shy | Somewhat Lazy | Taken

Hello everyone!

My name is Kaden, though you are free to call me whatever you'd like. I'm a 20 year old American who wishes to travel the world one day. I live with my grandmother due to some complications from my regular home life. My parents divorced at a young age but I'm not letting it affect me. I'm taking GED courses online, and hope one day that I can go to the University of Florida when I get the credits and money. I love to play video games (some of my favorites are Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age series, Minecraft, and Pokemon), I watch TV in my pass time (Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Furturama, Family Guy, American Dad, and a long list of more), I love Disney movies, especially the classics. When I can, I love to read, though I am very picky on the books I read (however I love to read fanfics and manga).

I'm a yoai loving person, if you have a certain mange/couple feel free to message me to find out if I like them as well!

Overall, I love talking to people and getting to know you guys! I'm a loving person who will try my best to cheer someone up when they are down, so feel free to note me if you have any problems! I love to listen and I'll give advice to the best that I can. Along with my counterpart, I suffer from Chronic Depression, I have Dyslexia though I try my best to correct myself when I make mistakes, I also suffer from Separation Anxiety and Low self-esteem. Everyday is a battle for me, but I'm putting one foot in front of the other and I'm starting to feel better about myself now and starting to have more respect about my skills.

I have an American Longhair cat named Misty who is a therapy cat to me. Before I was completely on the internet, my cat helped me through some hard times, I don't know what I would do without her. I also own a Vizsla/Retriever Mix named Roxy who is a gently giant but has the Retriever curse of always wanting to eat and will eat just about anything. I have two little brothers (dogs) that live with my dad and his girlfriend, they are Shih Tzu's and they are wonderful and loving. I grew up with dogs, when I lived with my mother, we had 4 dogs in total under the roof (3 greyhounds and a boxer), before those four, I had another Boxer and another Greyhound when I was a child, my grandmother had a full Vizsla.

My favorite color's are purple, red, blue, black, coral, pink, white, and grey. I am a character hoarder and love them all equally. Almost all the characters I have are male and homosexual, though the very few females that I have are a Hermaphrodite or switch between being a male and female, or lesbian. I love having flamboyant gay boys.

I'm happily taken by Rexodus. It's been a bumpy road in the beginning but its a blessing to have her in my life and to call her mine.

If you want to talk to my, feel free to note me and I'll note back when I'm free! I may be socially awkward at first, but I'm always happy to talk!

Skype: Note Me
Chickensmoothie: Kaden
Furaffinity: Ask Me
Other sites: Ask Me


Copyright notice by AngelLale87

Inspirations and Friends

People I know and Look Up To

The Boyfriend

My Buddies

My Idols

I'll update my Idol list frequently due to there being so many wonderful artists that I absolutely adore! They are also in no particular order for I love their art equally <3


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